The 2015-2016 Northern Volunteering Board

Welcome to our new and current  Board members:

Roxanne Withers (Co-chair)

Jerry Casburn (Co-Chair)

Phil Buny0n (Treasurer)

Phil Bunyon

Maria Ross (new member 2014-2015)

ross maria 2014

Derek Williamson

Peter Heyworth (Ex officio)

peter heyworth

The role of the Board is critical in our ongoing development.

The Constitution allows for up to 9 Board members. They are elected at the Annual General Meeting held in September / October each year.

How can I become a Board Member

We want people who are committed to the ongoing development of the Volunteer Sector, and particularly in the north.

To select the best personnel,  applicants talk first with the Executive Officer to gain an appreciation of what it means to be a Board member with NVSA.

If the applicant decides to continue, we provide an opportunity to meet with the Selection Panel consisting of the Chairperson and other Board members regarding submitting an application. Applicants then submit a brief description of their skills and experience, and what they will bring to the Board.

This will go to the membership prior to the AGM for voting.

If successful, the new Board member will undergo an induction.

What is required in a new Board member?

  • A stated commitment to furthering the aims and objectives of NVSA.
  • Commitment to attend a required percentage of Board meetings per year. Involvement in a subcommittee
  • Commitment to  come prepared to the meeting
  • Declaration of any conflicts of interest

Applications for 2015-16 will be considered. Speak to our Executive Officer for more details.