Northern Volunteering (SA) (NVSA) is a Volunteer Resource Centre (VRC) based in Northern  Adelaide,South Australia.

The Centre was the result of a Community Welfare grant obtained in 1983 by Warwick Cooper, Community development Officer and Patricia Hunt, Regional Volunteer Coordinator,  in the then Department for Community Welfare (now Families SA).

This funded a part time worker, Sue Nightingale, and together with a team of dedicated volunteers, founded in 1984 the Para Districts Volunteer Service. It’s objective was to provide volunteer referrals and placements, resources and a variety of other services to assist the volunteer sector in northern Adelaide, South Australia. Once established, the Centre decided to link up in a working relationship with Volunteering SA (now Volunteering SA&NT).

The Centre changed its name to Northern Volunteering SA Inc (NVSA) and was constituted in 1988

NVSA has not for profit, charitable status.

Core funding was obtained from the Federal Government  ensuring the ongoing viability of the VRC. Shortly after NVSA was established, a national network of VRC’s was set up.

Currently NVSA provides a wide range of services including: volunteer referrals; volunteer and volunteer management training; consultancy and customised training for organisations; advocacy for volunteering among other services.

in 2014 we developed a Registered Training Organisation – NV Education & Training Services (provider no. 40831) to utilise our skills and experience in volunteer management to provide nationally accredited training from Certificate I level to Advanced Diploma level. www.nvets.org.au

In mid 2014 we committed to working with Town of Gawler to provide the Gawler Volunteer Resource Centre services.  Consequently we now offer volunteer referrals; an extensive volunteer and volunteer management training program; a volunteer managers per network and support for local organisations in the Gawler area.

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