Consultancy Services

NVSA staff have a significant amount of experience working as both managers of volunteer programs at local, regional and State level; and, experience as volunteers.

With over 30 years experience, staff understand what is involved in running volunteer programs.

Your organisation can access this level of expertise.

We are interested in developing a solution for your particular situation. This may include training volunteers, staff, coordinators or team leaders, or even executives about volunteering.

Our approach is one of sensitivity combined with expertise. Our trainers have taught up to Advanced Diploma standard.

Services provided to date include the:

–          Development and integration of volunteers into organisations who do not have an existing volunteer workforce

–          Review of volunteer programs based on international volunteering standards

–          Policy review and analysis

–          Development of volunteer and staff training

–          Development and implementation of  ‘train the trainer’  materials

–          Development of orientation and induction

How Much?  Prices are very competitive but will vary considerably depending upon what is required, hence it is difficult to state what costs are.  The establishment of a new volunteer program including integration into the existing organisational policy framework, staff training, process development including forms, development of training and induction of the first team of volunteers will cost anywhere fromAUD$7,500 toAUD$12,500 + GST.