Before You Start

Before you start volunteer work there are some things it might be helpful to be aware of:

  1. There are LOTS of different volunteer opportunities. Don’t restrict yourself to think of one or two types of positions;
  2. As a volunteer you will have both rights and responsibilities. The organisation will also! Make sure you are clear about these;
  3. Undertake an induction as part of your role. This may vary from online to a hard copy or verbal. It may take 1/2 hour or several days depending upon the organisation. This should prepare you for volunteer work;
  4. Many (but not all) organisations require a police check and referee check before you start;
  5. Most organisations will have some red tape. Please be patient. This is in place to ensure the organisation completes their duty of care
  6. Last, but definitely not least, Enjoy yourself!

Bridge to Volunteering

If you have never volunteered before, or feel uncomfortable. NVSA has a program called ‘Bridge to Volunteering’. This program is ideally suited for someone who wants to ease into volunteering, if you are not feeling comfortable volunteering, or want a little extra assistance in some way.

You will be matched up with a mentor; join a small class of maximum 10 people taken by one of our quality facilitators; and start volunteering in an organisation and position of your choice.

Bridge to Volunteering starts at different times of the year.  Inquire for more details