Make An Interview

If you are interested in volunteering there are two ways we can assist.

1.  If you know what you want then complete a web based application

2. If you are unsure, would like to explore other organisations, or look at other roles. You can speak to one of our Referral Officers. A short 20-30 minute interview will assist you in exploring a range of options you may not have considered.

We have Referral Officers based in

  • Enfield on Monday mornings
  • Port Adelaide on Tuesday mornings
  • Modbury on Thursday mornings
  • Elizabeth on Thursday mornings
  • Salisbury Monday to Friday
  • Gawler on Tuesdays

Call our office on 8250 1582 to make a time

If you look on ‘Our Staff’ in this website, you will find photos  of the Referral Officers to know who you are looking for.