Volunteer Pathways

Volunteering can lead onto a wide number of different paths, for example:

  • Increase your skills. Do something you have been interested in but have never had the chance.
  • Paid employment. While volunteering will not guarantee you a job, it is a great way to showcase yourself to  potential employers. It is not unusual for volunteers to be employed where they are volunteering.
  • Training. Volunteers will usually undergo training for their roles.
  • Develop job ready skills.
  • Put in your CV. Many employers want to know applicants have an interest in the community. This says the applicant is someone who wants to help others. Many employers regard this as an important attribute.
  • Accredited training. Actively volunteering allows you to participate in the accredited Active Volunteering Certificate courses. These are great courses providing a good foundation for a wide variety of other accredited training eg in children’s services, aged care, hospitality and so on.