CVS program

NVSA’s CVS program provides opportunity for visiting older people in residential care facilities. This program provides great opportunities to meet other people and we have visitors in facilities throughout Northern Adelaide region. Support residents who may be feeling lonely or needing extra contact and share in each others hobbies and stories.

We are proud to announce new partnership with partners Enfield Baptist Church and Salisbury Uniting Church – more information to follow but please contact us for more details on how you can be a part of this rewarding program.

The spread and threat of Covid-19 has seen a huge increase in social isolation and loneliness, both extremely harmful to a persons mental and physical well-being, especially difficult on those in residential care who have not been able to have visitors while restrictions have been in place.
Recently Northern Volunteering together with The CVS launched a program called “Virtual Volunteers”,  through the use of technology a member of our dedicated volunteer team has a “virtual visit” with a person in residential care who is in need of a social connection, so far the response has been extremely positive and we look forward to providing friendship and companionship to those most in need during these unprecedented times.

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For all further information on how you can become a C.V.S volunteer,

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